2017, Oil on Canvas, 36” x 36”

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My journey as a mixed media artist

As a mixed media artist I enjoy mixed media collage painting because it offers me the opportunity to work with my hands making abstract collage art. My interpretation of the world through mixed media art is unique and as a mixed media artist I relish showing art lovers my world. Creating my collage paintings allows me the opportunity to connect with others through abstract lines and textures that have defined roles.

I create mixed media collage because I want to move my hands and have contact with the canvas and paper and to experience the tactile qualities of creating collage art. As a mixed media artist I like to mix paint with my collage art and to see new colors appear in my collage painting when I mix basic primary colors. I am captivated by the colors flowing together and blending to create abstract collage art. The experimental aspect of collage painting and unexpected results and direction are alluring as a mixed media artist. The abstract nature of my pieces and the medium of mixed media collage allows me to use other materials on my canvas to create unique textures and subtle tones that are represented in my mixed media art.