Interpretive Collage

Interpretive collage paintings by fine art collage artists Helen Becker take on a form of Mannerism. Helen’s new collage paintings offer art collectors a chance to enjoy a unique mix of contemporary collage art and fine art collage as Helen interweaves mixed media materials onto canvas to create familiar, yet strange artistic dialogues.

Contemporary Collage by a Fine Art Collage Artist


I look at the world in a humorous way, providing me the opportunity of changing how others might see the world. I look at simple nuances in the behavior of others. I look at how buildings and doors suggest human emotions like passion or friendliness. When strangeness and unfamiliarity are viewed with a sense of humor - negative feelings go away. This becomes a healthy way to share art with others.

I like to twist, skew, exaggerate, and minimize elements in my art. It requires that I know how real things look before I alter them. When drawing my buildings and doors I am well grounded in knowing about perspective and relationships. It becomes easy to change things from actual reality. When drawing my figures I take on a great imagination and visualize the figure doing what I want it to do. I often use myself instead of my imagination so that I have a strong physical example of how features should look on my figure. It is like completing a puzzle. I like the challenge.

I bring life to buildings and their doors which open up to reveal people with character and charm. These buildings and doors pulse with energy and they reveal people who live simple lives doing simple tasks and people who have busy lives doing amazing tasks. My people, sharing some character and charm with each other, know how to relate to the viewer (you). They are benevolent and warm and cozy. You can easily become attached to one of my figures.

All seem to move and sway with a rhythm in time to my own internal beat. The music I play in my studio becomes tangled up in my art. It is a nice way for two creative modes to blend together. Playing music is a good way to get things moving. My efforts to twist and skew everything on my canvas seem to be successful.

I paint not only with acrylics, but also with a wide variety of collage materials. I cover my canvas with a warm color for its underpainting. Then when everything is dry, I begin to outline the shapes and elements with a different color on my paint brush. After that I paint the elements with basic colors. At this point I start to “paint” with collage paper. It is like painting because I prep a lot of material by pre-tearing or pre-cutting; cover my canvas with my glue; and then quickly attach materials all over the canvas at the same time. It looks like a free-for-all. I feel like I am putting dashes of color all over the painting. This is how I create a setting for my disjointed and light hearted tales.