Figurative Fine Art Collage

Figurative fine art collage paintings by fine art collage artists Helen Becker take on a form of Mannerism. Helen’s new collage paintings offer art collectors a chance to enjoy a unique mix of contemporary collage art and fine art collage as Helen interweaves mixed media materials onto canvas to create familiar, yet strange artistic dialogues.

Contemporary Collage by a Fine Art Collage Artist

The Way I See It

My art becomes tangled up in the music I play in my studio.  I move and sway with a rhythm in time to its beat. Responding to music is a good way for inspiration to flow.

The way I see it, I see a friend in every person.  My friends are my family. They are special to me because they are loving and supportive.  They make me feel good.

I like to describe my friends with quirkiness.  It gives them a special pizazz and makes them stand out.  I describe their light heartedness with my own light heart.  They make me smile.

My friends can be seen in buildings and outside buildings.  They communicate with others and with their surroundings. I like to twist, skew, exaggerate, and minimize the features of my friends and their places. This is how I describe their energy and life force.  The people I reveal are those who live simple lives doing simple tasks and people who have busy lives doing amazing tasks.

The way I see it, I see sunglasses and golden faces on almost all of my friends.  They are related in this way. It is easy to become attached to one of my figures because they share and care and dare to be different,  but are enough like you to be familiar and warm and cozy.

Soon the friends in my paintings become tangled up in my music. They are alive and complete and sway with a rhythm in time to their own beat.

I paint not only with acrylics, but also with a wide variety of collage materials.  I cover my canvas with a warm color for its underpainting. Then when everything is dry, I begin to outline the shapes with a different color on my paintbrush.  After painting these shapes with basic colors, I start to “paint” with collage papers and other materials, like netting, fabric, and foil. I continue to use these two techniques (painting and collaging) one on top of the other and so on, until — how do I know it is finished?  I touch the canvas and when it springs back with life, I know it is well and done.