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Contemporary Collage Artist begins to paint

Once I have laid out the bare layers of my new mixed media collage art piece I begin the fun of layering different parts of my painting. As a contemporary collage artists, I find this part very exciting. The layering allows me to just be free and place items on the canvas that might get covered up and never revealed.

Famous collage artists like to hide pieces within their collage paintings. I always reveled at trying to identify the many pieces that were meant to be hidden. I take this one step further by scribbling saying and phrases and covering them up forever - making them a part of the painting - unseen, yet integral.

Sawdusting is usually an important early step in the progression of my collage painting.  I glue sawdust down with gloss medium and varnish. I wait until it dries before beginning the next step.  Doing this glueing down of sawdust is a difficult and hard process. The brush gets exceedingly dirty and is hard to clean afterwards.  But the great effect outweighs the nuisance and so I continue to sawdust most of my work.

Many collage artists I have spoken with have the same feeling about certain materials - the end-result outweighs the effort.

After a layer of sawdusting on my new contemporary collage painting I begin writing and scribbling all over my painting.  I use a stencil to block in, with charcoal, the words, “no place to go.”  I mark down spirals and other words which come to my mind relating to the title.  I spray all these graphics with fixative. There will be many options later on in the development of this painting.  I can choose what I want to reveal or not, after I cover these areas with paint.

I hope you enjoyed the next two steps of creating my newest contemporary collage painting. Be on the lookout next week as I begin the base underpainting.