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Collage paper added to new contemporary collage painting

Contemporary collage painting has paper added to it! by a fine art collage artist


This contemporary collage painting is getting more collage paper added to it. In the next 2 steps I add collage paper to the new collage painting. Some of the process is a calculated while other is a fine art collage artist having a great time! In this collage art blog I go over my process of adding paper - the why, where, and what!

I start having a free-for-all with the collage paper on the collage painting. I add it everywhere. In particular, the sconces have paper added on top of the purple paint. Now that I have all the purple “erased” I feel better. I add decorations to those sconces to really make them more interesting. Specifically, I add lined paper to the body of the sconce, then add silver foil to the top. Finally I add a large black circle which I place on the body of the sconce. This certainly gets rid of the purple, but I wonder if it is too distracting for the rest of the collage painting. I decide to hold off on judgment until more is done elsewhere.                 

Large sections of tissue paper are added at the bottom and top of painting.  Many small details here and there are added so that the piece is becoming more complex. I add silver roses to the right of the table. Also there is some squared paper which I add to the walls on both sides of the window. Finally the bananas get stripes up and down each part of it, not only on the one laying on the table but also the two in the bowl. I also add silvery designs to the table top itself.

I continue to work all over the contemporary collage painting, adding bits and pieces of paper. As a fine art collage artist it is important to balance the paper and colors in order to tell the story of the mixed media collage painting. I decide to add an apple to the left side of the table using red tissue paper. The mostly eaten apple on the right gets a twisted piece of paper added to it in order to make it look more 3-D. 

Another layer of netting is added to those dog-gone legs. Now they have ripples that look like there are big bunches of stuff underneath the netting.  How awful. What am I going to do? I put this issue aside for awhile.

I find some birds on a piece of collage paper, cut them out individually and  add to the trees.

I also add texture paper to different areas on the wall. I also add some silvery paper to a place where later on people will exclaim that they see a cat. Can you find this place? I had to have it pointed out to me, but the minute I saw it then I see it every time I look at the painting.

The last thing I do in this step is to darken the value on the stripes in the arms, only, on the girl’s shirt. I wanted to see if it was too strong for the piece or not. I think I like the colors being darkened a bit. What do you think?

I am starting to like what I see.

Collage painting gets the finer points

Collage paper is added to a collage painting

As my collage painting comes to life I add some finer points to make the collage painting whole. As a fine art collage artist, these finer points can seem like they never end! However it is important to see this through in order to fill the gaps and bring all areas of the canvas to life.

I add collage paper in vertical strips to the right hand side of the collage painting. I use three different colors and textures. I also add decorations to the side of the table with small round disks; the bowl is covered with a silvery/gold paper; and her legs are padded with paper towels and covered with some netting. Net effect of the latter effort is the legs still look awful  But not to worry. A solution will be discovered.

I decide to use colored shiny paper in the trim around her neckline on the shirt and also around her wrists. I have made the decision to use shiny paper in at least two or three places in each of my figure collage paintings.

The purple sconces still remain and are becoming a problem/eyesore for me. I am not sure what to do with them. Questions remain about color and texture.

Finally in this step, I find large gold leaves on a piece of collage paper. I carefully cut them out and then apply them to the two trees in the window.  Even though the leaves are really, really too large for the tree, I like the accent they bring to it.

I am very happy with the results. Collage painting is always a series of experiments and so far this is turning out successfully!

Contemporary collage artist creates a new figurative collage

Fine Art Collage artist creates a figurative contemporary collage painting!


Since becoming an artist I have created many figurative artworks. I am very excited that this current figurative artwork will be my first figurative contemporary collage painting. I am looking forward to creating a new fine art collage using contemporary art styles to depict a traditional artistic style.

This black and white study on greyed tone paper is done with charcoal, charcoal pencil, and white charcoal pencil. I imagine and then use parts of me in reality to pose for this girl sitting at a table looking forlornly at a mostly eaten apple and completely devoured banana.  

I have decided not to put a face on this figure because this way, more people can identify with her. I will be painting her face, later on, with gold paint.

I enjoy slanting and skewing some of the elements in this study. The table is awkwardly oval with curved sides. The bowl of fruit is irregular in a nice way. The figure is slanted and skewed in one direction. The window and sconces on either side of the window are crooked. Even the light emanating from the lit sconces is wavy and inexact.   

This canvas, 36” x 24”, is partially covered with sawdust planned for another painting which never materialized. I coat the canvas with a pink underpainting and am ready to go with my drawing.

I start at the bottom of the page and work upward. I am drawing with a paintbrush with medium valued blue paint. I am not using a pencil or any dry marking tool. Instead I draw with a brush by picking a point on my drawing and then determining the rise and run of this point. I can draw from point to point by measuring this way. It takes a long time to utilize this method. Interruptions are a bad thing at this point. What is the rise of a point? It is a measurement in inches of how high above the bottom of the paper the point is. A run is a measurement in inches of how far across (horizontally) the point is from either side.

Drawing the legs of the girl and the legs of the table and chair, became a challenge, but I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. I see the remainder of the drawing to be easier than this bottom part.  

Adding more detail to my new collage painting

Fine art collage artist is adding some additional pieces to a new contemporary collage painting

Now I am “brave” enough to tackle the whole collage painting, so I begin to add paper to the right side. The same kind of tactics I used on the left side, I now use on the right side.

At the top of the collage painting above the door, I add thin strips of black paper to outline part of the storefront. I used this method as I created my new contemporary collage painting because it helps to ground the building so the eye does not escape past those black lines. As a fine art collage artist it is important to lead the viewer along the lines that tell the painting’s story.

More paper continues to be added to the flowers in the sidewalk flower pots. Green leaves and twigs are added.

After I have completed adding more paper to the collage painting, I add white paint to some parts of painting. Creating new collage paintings is always a back-and-forth process between different mediums. I learned this through studying underneath talented, famous fine art collage artists.
The flower pots get more defined flowers by the addition of white outlines of flowers and leaves. The door is painted white in some areas. The two right hand reflections receive a touch of white.

I also add grey paint to the white paper on the sidewalk. I like that it has been hidden because it attracted too much attention. Now there is just a hint of the texture which does not pull the eye there. Black paint is added to the shadow side of the lamp post.

More textured paper is added to the window in the door to make it look like it might be a screened door.

The biggest thing which is added in this step is the name of the gallery to which this door belongs. Two signs are made - one saying “Reflections” for the top of the door and another one saying, “Gallery” for the area just below the screen/window of the door. To make these signs, I printed on solid xerox paper the words for the signs. Then I placed sewing pattern tissue paper over top of the words. I traced the letters onto the tissue paper using a thin blue magic marker. Then I glued the letters with the tissue to the door.

More paper is added here and there until I am beginning to feel like I am nearing completion.

Adding collage paper to my newest contemporary collage painting

Collage painting has many elements to it. Applying different mix media materials at different times can create completely new collage paintings. Being a fine art collage artist I love playing with this layering process in my contemporary collage painting.

I use all sorts of textured papers. I have fun glueing pieces of paper very randomly and quickly to the canvas. I follow somewhat the architectural lines, but at times I overlap my paper across two different areas. Sometimes I feel like I am “painting” with paper. I apply it like I have a paint-loaded brush that I quickly sweep on the color with great abandon. I apply glue to the canvas, quickly attach the paper, and then apply glue on top.

My favorite papers are becoming the tissue paper from sewing patterns which has a light yellowish cast to it. I also like purple tissue paper which creates a very dark tone to the canvas when applied with the gloss medium and varnish.  It makes a nice shadow area.

I add papers to the flowers. Some of it is yellow paper with holes punched in it. I also add red and purple tissue paper.

One of the most significant additions to the collage painting canvas in this step is the addition of gold foil paper. Hinges on the door, plus the flowers see the addition of gold foil. It adds a touch of sparkle. In addition, silver foil is added to the lamp post where the highlights will be on the base of it.  

I find some pink paper which is a different tone than the pink underpainting. I use that around the door frame in order to call attention to that area.

More paper is added all over the left side of the collage painting. The reason I am not yet working on the right side is that there is so much going on the left side, I would feel overwhelmed if I tried to work on the entire painting. I will leave the right side for another work session.

I apply a textured white square paper to the sidewalk.  In a later step I will cover that over because I feel that it attracts too much attention.

One thing which I decide at this point is the creation of some resting points for the eye. I generally leave most of the sidewalk plain without collage paper. Also the windows where the dark blue has been painted will receive very little paper.t6f I feel that it is a good thing to have some places to rest.  Otherwise the whole painting would become so busy that it would be difficult to look at it for any length of time.

Collage painting with colors by fine art collage artists

Fine art collage artist turns to color woes in contemporary collage painting

Many fine art collage artists use the element of color as attraction for viewer eyes. When I use color I use it for many reasons, and this is definitely one of them. That being said it can also prove to be very challenging to work with. When you’re working with different shapes, colors, and materials, deciding which attributes compliment each other requires skill and most importantly patience.

As I work through this process I add more yellow, yellow-green and a speck of white to my circle area on the collage painting.  Some greens begin to appear in various areas and I add several yellow dots under the title words.

I am searching, searching, searching for a color which will transform the entire collage painting from one of gaudy vibrancies into a more subdued color arrangement. I admit, as a fine art collage artist who has created pieces before - I am struggling because I am not sure which direction to turn or what color to try.  

Finally I add a medium turquoise wash over much of the background and over the horizontal bar extending to the left and right edges.

Famous collage artists have taught me that not all colors have to be present in the collage painting for them to be noticed. I add light and medium blues to the inner circle still maintaining the view of the title words across the top.  Much of the yellow has been covered including small dots of yellow. Also, the tone of the red-orange has been made more subtle.

It seems like every step provokes an obstacle.  Sometimes I feel like I am taking a stab in the dark.  I am apt to try anything, any color at this point.

Until next time!

The Beginning of a Collage Artists creation
n #1.jpg

In creating a new collage artwork I always like to visualize the layering of the mixed media materials before I place them on canvas. Painting in contemporary collage art allows me to utilize my creativity and spontaneity from conception to execution.

A simple value study is created with compressed charcoal, charcoal pencil and white charcoal pencil.  I like the lines and shapes and think it is simple enough to be a good candidate for an interesting contemporary collage painting. I decide arbitrarily to make this painting 24” x 36”.

After i have decided on the basic format of my new mixed media collage painting I begin to draw out the primary sketch on canvas. Flowing and easy-going lines and shapes are achieved in this step. I want these elements to be free and easy to look at and not stand out in an unusual way.

There is some overlapping of shapes and there are 3 stacks (or layers) in this particular painting. The 3 stacks look very much like highways stacked one upon the other. In real life, some highways can sport 5 stacks, but that is about the limit on the number of layers in a highway system. Three stacks is probably the limit in what I can successfully do in a painting. I want my painting, to have simple, yet bold shapes without being too intricate. I think this drawing will achieve this.

As the lines and shapes begin to take rudimentary shape on the canvas I get excited about the new contemporary collage artwork that I am creating. Fine art collage requires a step-by-step process of creation and I am thrilled to begin this process once again!

All finished - Shortcut to the Party

A collage artists journey to creating a new artwork!

Step #11 SP.jpg
Step #12 SP.jpg

The final steps of creating a collage painting is always interesting. As collage artists, this is when you place the finishing touches of mixed media materials. These tend to be the looser items that create the collage painting’s final texture and “feel”.

These can also be any mixed media materials that were left lying around the studio and were not used up during the earlier stages of the painting’s creation.

In this particular collage painting I wanted to add fringe to create a 2D/3D texture. To make the frilly fringe, a piece of kite string painted light purple is strung with strong, gold-colored thread. A crochet hook is used to loop the thread onto the purple string. The fringe is securely attached with gloss medium and varnish.  It is fun to swish this around with one’s hand, truly making this an interactive piece.

Another line of shorter fringe is added on the right side, by securely attaching it in the same manner as above. Short strands of orange string are scattered and glued down here and there.

Finally, a small party hat with diagonal, bright, yellow and blue stripes is attached to the surface. It is made with painted canvas and is trimmed at the bottom with a strip of blue painted canvas. This hat even has a small tassle on top.

It’s a Shortcut to the Party! This painting is ready to take you on a speedy shortcut to the party where confetti, fringe and hat create a festive mood. Have a party and please touch the fringe!

Collage Painting adds color and starts to take shape
Step #7 SP.jpg
Step #8 SP.jpg

Once we have set our foundation to the collage painting I feel as if the mixed media art is beginning to form into its own unique work of art. It is at this time that my collage artists instinct kicks in and I decide what and how this collage painting will be colored.

Creating mixed media art with collage is more than simply adding mixed media materials to canvas and calling it a day. Collage artists have to envision how untraditional materials will interact with traditional materials such as paint and canvas.

In the next two steps of creating a mixed media collage I begin the process of adding my color scheme. An analogous color scheme is planned of blue, green and yellow.  A dark blue is first painted in the areas marked with xxx’s. I use these x’s to demarcate areas that will receive particular paints.

Next I add the contrasting colors to the collage painting by mixing cadmium yellow with sun gold to dilute the intensity of the yellow. It is then painted on some areas of the pathways.

With these two steps I have began the process of paining the collage and creating a collage painting!

Mixed Media Artist Creations - Shortcut to the Party
Step #1 Making of Shortcut to the Party (SP).jpg
Step #2 SP.jpg

Well - I’m back at it again - creating mixed media collages from scrap, sometimes with scrap!

I love sharing my creative process as I feel it connects art collectors with the artwork itself. To see the mixed media artwork evolve and come into being enhances the understanding of how collage and art mix together.

Over the next few weeks I will share my creative process as I create my newest mixed media collage artwork - Shortcut To The Party. Enjoy!

Everyone wants to get to the party on time or even earlier if possible - not wanting to miss out on the fun. This painting takes one on a shortcut to the party where there are frills and flashy confetti and a party hat for those who dare to wear it. This mixed media painting allows participation in the party by encouraging one’s interaction with it.

STEP #1  Charcoal Drawing on Canvas

This first step is to show multiple pathways in and around the painting. I enjoy using multiple mixed media art materials to accomplish this and as I develop this collage painting these will come out in greater and greater numbers. One pathway may be a shortcut or perhaps all of the pathways can direct a party goer quickly.

As I start to lay out the patterns of my new collage painting, these paths are drawn with a charcoal pencil. The background areas are marked with triple xxx’s.

STEP #2   Collaging Begins

Now the fun starts as I being using mixed media materials to lay down the foundations of my new collage. The first pathway is completed with pieces of burlap. It defines this road with tracks following the curve up and around.  Twine is also placed parallel to another path.

That’s it for now! Be sure to follow my social media and check back in with my blog to see how this new mixed media collage painting evolves!

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Adding more collage pieces, but not finished yet - mixed media artist

Collage painting as a mixed media artist means sometimes adding, adding, and adding more!

One of the perks of being a mixed media artist is that when I am creating my mixed media collage paintings there is a definite step-by-step process - a layering of material that alters the piece. In the next 2 steps of my newest creation - Languorous I delve into the nuanced touches that I place on the collage painting.

In the next 2 steps of the creation of my mixed media collage, I start adding new collage pieces and try to see how they fit - like an imperfect puzzle. First I rotate the painting clockwise 90 degrees. I do this after experimenting with various angles rotating 90 degrees is most satisfying to me. After I rotate my mixed media collage painting I now see things from a different perspective so I add more collage pieces to give it even more texture than it previously had. In addition to adding more collage pieces to my painting, three dimensional white pieces in crescent shapes were also glued down.  Once I take a step back I take a look at the evolution of my collage painting and add netting and other materials to solidify the texture. I am finally becoming pleased with my painting.

Even though I think I am finished, I am not.  I return to my original black and white sketch. Here I can see evidence of an irregular square shape superimposed on the canvas. I want to include that and continue the corners of the square onto the sides of the canvas.  With a 4 foot long ruler, I measure the boundaries of the square and mark with a pencil, then I begin to paint. After painting 2 corners I stop to see how I am progressing and I like the initial work.

The creative process of a mixed media artist is one of trial and error and adjustments. As Languorous evolves into a finished pieces this process of collage creation once again repeats itself!

Taking my mixed media art piece "Languorous" in a new direction - steps 11 and 12

Sometimes a mixed media artist finds inspiration in unusual places, after a supernatural dream I decide to take my abstract collage piece in a new direction

I had a dream last night. My mixed media collage painting saw a ghost and turned white. I was led into a discussion with myself about the pros and cons of doing something I had never done before as a mixed media artist. What did I have to lose? Why not? Oh, go ahead and do it. If I ask the question, then why not answer affirmatively? Like it or not, the ghost painter was on a mission - to reinterpret what this mixed media artist had already done. So, I mixed some heavy gesso with lots of water to make a thin white paint. Then I white washed the entire abstract collage painting from top to bottom, by carefully painting over the mixed media art piece in sections, sometimes blotting up excess paint with a paper towel. I quickly finished my ghostly deed. I liked it. Subtle and expressive, the details showed more than ever before. My original concept for this mixed media collage had changed, but I didn’t care. I liked the new concept of slowness.

I add circles with thick white paint. Some have well defined edges and others have edges which blend into the background of the abstract collage. I enjoy making these circles and filling them in with white. I rotate the collage painting 180 degrees to see how that orientation might look.

My Mixed Media Collage Painting - “Darting To and Fro #2”

As a mixed media artist there is a story behind every abstract collage.

Darting To and Fro #2,  2018 ,  acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36” x 24”

Darting To and Fro #2, 2018, acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36” x 24”

In the next installment of my mixed media artist blog series about the inspiration behind specific collage art pieces I describe my interpretation as the mixed media artist of the abstract collage art piece “Darting To and Fro #2". While the overall theme behind my mixed media collage is highways and how they mirror moments we encounter in our lives each specific collage art piece has its own meaning that I tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

This next mixed media collage painting, “Darting To and Fro #2” has four pathways darting about the picture plane. They all point inward because the reachable goal is the same for all the arrowed paths. Each way can dart about the field searching. Interesting collage work decorate each one with textures of circles, spirals and crescent shapes using varies mixed media. I made the decision as a mixed media artist for it to be colorless in order to show no favoritism for any one of the arrows. No color becomes more important than another in this abstract collage piece.

Adding acrylic color to my newest Mixed Media Painting

As a mixed media artist there are many steps in painting a mixed media collage. In the following I discuss adding color to my abstract mixed media painting as well as determining the next steps to take. Enjoy!

In creating this mixed media collage painting I added additional blues and orange/yellows. I wanted to create an abstract collage impression by adding less of the orange colors in the outlying areas.  I then added lighter yellows and peach colors are added to the three large orbs to bring the viewers eyes into a concentrated area. As with many abstract collages it is important to direct the viewers eyes to segments of the painting to create a flow of the artwork.  

In the outlying areas of the mixed media collage I added more blues and blue-greens to intensify the outlying areas. As I add these colors I am beginning to hunt for some direction to take this mixed media collage painting - I cover up more of the oranges in the outlying areas, but bits of that color can still be seen.

As the painting begins to develop the line around the three circles or orbs is painted dark purple. Then a blue is dabbed over this in order to make it more pronounced.  The colors in the orbs are lightened a bit and a circular motion is developed in each of those spaces. I sit in my studio late at night and ponder what I have painted and become quite dissatisfied with the results I see. Where am I going?  I ask.

A Mixed Media Artist's Inspiration - The Meaning of “Around About”

The Story Behind my Mixed Media Art Piece “Around About”

Around About,  2017 ,  acrylic with combined media on canvas, 48” x 24”

Around About, 2017, acrylic with combined media on canvas, 48” x 24”

In the next installment of my mixed media artist blog series about the inspiration behind specific collage art pieces I describe my interpretation as the mixed media artist of the abstract collage art piece "Around About". While the overall theme behind my mixed media collage is highways and how they mirror moments we encounter in our lives each specific collage art piece has its own meaning that I tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

The mixed media collage “Around About” shows a very prominent blue-green spiral dashing through an intensely thick, dark red and blue field. This shows how it feels to be flung into the round-about and to not know where and when the road that is desired will appear on the perimeter of the circular road. The thin white line (I used string on this collage painting) exaggerates the feeling of being tossed into the air and the dizzying effect on the eyes and mind.

How a Mixed Media Artist Creates: My Mixed Media Art Piece "Languorous"

The Creation of my Mixed Media Collage "Languorous" Steps 7 and 8

Step 7

Step 7

Step 8

Step 8

Focal colors are added. The colors that I chose as a mixed media artist are yellow/orange for the focal area and violet/blue for the dominant areas of the collage painting. I try to paint as much of the focal colors as I can in the central areas of the big orbs and keep the paint transparent so that some collage materials show through. Putting some of the orange paint in outlying parts of the abstract collage painting are merely to distribute more of this color in the dominant areas. Very little of it will show through when my mixed media collage is finished, but there still will be enough to add some texture and bring unity in color.

Dominant colors are added to the abstract collage painting. The different blues are added to the background areas of the mixed media art piece. Directions on the flow of the different colors of blue are indicated here. The line that wraps around the large circles is outlined in a blue so that it is more visible against the collage painting. Some drips come down, later to be covered with more paint. I put hot fluorescent orange/cadmium red in the two small areas in the center of the mixed media art piece which are outlined in blue. Some of the collage papers can still be seen.

Thank you for taking the time to read the fourth installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.  

How a Mixed Media Artist Creates: My Mixed Media Art Piece "Languorous"

The Creation of my Mixed Media Collage "Languorous" Steps 5 and 6


Sawdust is gessoed. After the sawdust dries on the mixed media art piece completely I gesso it. Gesso is like a white house paint. It is used as a primer for collage art canvases in preparation for oil or acrylic painting. I try not to cover up any of my guide lines and marks. At this point I am ready to start the collage part of my mixed media art creation process.

Collage material is glued down to my mixed media art piece. To glue down all my collage materials and papers, I use my go-to-glue — gloss medium and varnish. It works quickly and efficiently on the collage painting. One interesting material I discovered over the course of my mixed media artist career is gesso skins. This is dried gesso stuck to the inside of the gallon can. I peel it off and it becomes three-dimensional, hard pieces of white paint. What fun to use in the collage painting. I call it skins, because it peels off like a section of skin would. Often paint skins make the same sort of thing and using them in a mixed media collage is fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read the third installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.  

My Inspiration as a Mixed Media Artist - The Story behind "Straight Street"

The inspiration behind my mixed media art piece "Straight Street"

Straight Street,  2017 ,  acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36" x 36"

Straight Street, 2017, acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36" x 36"

In the sixth installment of my mixed media artist blog series about the inspiration behind specific collage art pieces I will attempt to describe the inspiration behind my abstract collage art piece "Straight Street". While the overall theme behind my mixed media collage is highways and how they mirror moments we encounter in our lives each specific collage art piece has its own meaning that I tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

My mixed media art piece “Straight Street” is titled after a jazz instrumental by John Coltrane. As a mixed media artist I find that travel is sometimes needed along a straight course with little interruption or change. It is less confusing and distracting if the  goal or destination is easily and quickly obtained or arrived at. In this mixed media collage I try to convey that no matter how many distractions of circular paths and circular reasonings, the straight path is the way to go. Even the yellow orb in the lower part of the collage painting tries to disrupt the straight path, but definite and solid lines through the layers of this orb chase it away and make it less influential. The Straight Street is preserved!

How a Mixed Media Artist Creates: My Mixed Media Art Piece "Languorous"

The Creation of my Mixed Media Collage "Languorous" Steps 3 and 4


The local hardware/lumber company keeps my mixed media artist studio stocked with lots of sawdust. They gave me 2 large containers of it free of charge. I tried to explain what I was doing with my latest collage art piece but I think the explanation got lost in the translation. The fella who operates the saw that makes all the dust commented, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE artists.” I don’t know what that meant, but I thought better about asking.

The sawdust is glued down to the mixed media art piece with “gloss medium and varnish”. Several manufacturers make this product and it can be purchased in store or online. Since I use it often as a mixed media artists I buy it by the gallon. Don’t spill it like I did in the bottom of the trunk of my car. It is like decoupage material and when it dries it is very glossy. Yikes! What a mess! In this step, I also put on a heavy application of Spectra Fix fixative on to the mixed media collage. It blurs the lines and creates interesting smudges and marks on the abstract collage art. I buy this fixative in concentrated form and then prepare it by mixing it with vodka. That’s what the bottle of concentrate says to do. Honest. It takes about several hours for all of this to dry in my dry climate. It would take much longer if I were a mixed media artists in a humid and/or cold climate.

Thank you for taking the time to read the second installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.