Finishing my new fine art collage painting


Fine art collage final touches. Creating harmony between paint and mixed media collage materials.

The final step of creating my new fine art collage artwork is harmonizing the paint and collage to tell the story I want my painting to tell. In my last step, I add splashes and lines of paint on the rocks to define them more.

I change the color of the bike frame from violet to purple, a color of violet which has more red in it.  This color stands out more against the rocks and creates the contrast that I like to add to my figurative fine art collage..

I add curved pieces of white paper to the inside of the tire on the left sides.  It makes the tires look more three-dimensional

I add purple to the rock shadows.  This is the same purple used for the bike frame.  It helps to pull the painting together by having multiple areas share the same color.

Finally, I add soft gauze material and gold sparkly tissue paper to the sky so that it has mixed media collage material incorporated into it.

I think Iā€™m finished! This was a fun action sequence figurative fine art collage. Hope you enjoyed!