Creation of new collage paintings by a fine art collage artist


New contemporary collage artwork!

I am so excited about the new contemporary collage paintings coming off my easel. My new studio has created quite a stir in my creative self and I am venturing out into the world of doors, buildings and people. Yah!

I recall my university class in linear perspective. We had a grand time drawing buildings, ramps, stairs, archways, rooftops, to name a few of the penciled constructions we made. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. So now, I am using my skills in perspective to draw doors and storefronts and buildings of all sorts. The sky is the limit. I have many, many black and white studies completed which are awaiting a turn at a blank canvas.

I also am going to include figures in my work. They may appear alone or along side the door or building. I am excited to draw these figures from my imagination. They may resemble friends or strangers or whomever I feel like drawing. I like to pretend that I am facing the person I am drawing and then I draw all the features associated with that person. They are almost like caricatures, but not quite. Their facial features are absent because I want you to place anyone you know into that face.

The quirky thing, though, about my doors, buildings and people is that they are skewed and come across the canvas as being crooked, slanted, exaggerated or minimized. This is how I interject humor into my paintings. To not have a precise and perfect rendition of a building or person is not sacrilegious. It is having fun with objects and people. It is giving them more personality, rather than cloning bland replicas of these things.

All of these subject matters for my paintings have a story to tell. For instance, doors have meaning. There are many colors of doors each of which has a specific meaning. There are open doors and closed ones. Broken ones and intact ones. Doors with lights shining from behind. There are revolving doors and doors which open at the top and not the bottom. Well, the list goes on and on. But the important thing to know is that each kind of door can mean something in either mythology, religion, literature, films, dream interpretation or psychology.  WOW!

Did you know that if you dream of a revolving door, you probably feel like your life is going around in circles.  Perhaps, you have an issue at work and you can’t seem to direct your associates attention to one particular detail.  Instead you find yourself having to explain and reexplain all over again so many times. Yes, you are going around in a revolving door and can’t get out.

Now the people I paint have their own personality and story to tell. I imagine my people being actively engaged with their surroundings and with others. Many of my people will be doing something, usually a simple thing. Perhaps a person will be eating or painting at an easel or reading a book. The sky is the limit.

So now you know, I do doors, buildings and people and I do skewed, funny looking ones. But how do I do them. What technique do I use? I continue to love painting with acrylics and doing collage with papers and other found materials.  My new work features these two tried-and-true techniques.

Come find out how I created “Reflections Door.” In the coming weeks I’ll describe my process!