Finishing my new collage paintings


Fine art collage artist finishes a new collage painting!

I start my final steps in the creation of my newest collage painting by adding more white paint to various areas on the painting. Finishing up a collage is a very difficult time for fine art collage artists. When is the collage painting truly finished? I guess - only when a collage artist is ready to hand up the paint brush!

I tackle the lamp post. I have decided to paint thin lines down the post to simulate the ridges that are there. I use violet, medium blue and light yellow green to make the stripes. The violet is closest to the black on the right. Then there are two stripes of medium blue as I work my way to the left (light side of the post). Finally I add light yellow green to where the lightest area of it is.  I like the result very much. It is festive and goes with the rest of the feel of the painting.

Am I done?  Not quite.

I have stepped back from this collage painting for awhile. After looking and looking at this painting for a week or so, I decide to do several things. I outline the door and door opening with dark blue and green and orange.

Then using a dry fan brush, I scumble the door, itself, white, and the exterior walls around the windows, light blue. This helps the door stand out more and also subdues some of the collage papers that seem too busy for me. I also paint some of the lower woodworking trim with a light yellow mixture. This sets the area apart from the white door and blue walls.

I thought I was really, really finished with this painting. But, NO!  I decide to change two things and add one thing to my “Reflections Door”.

First, I change the door slightly and move the figure to the center of the door. I paint this friend of mine a gold color. Then I remove the legs on the framed reflections which are setting in the windows of the building.

Finally, I decide that the viewer is to participate in this collage painting. His/her reflection is placed in the lower center part of the picture plane. You can see the reflection as an upright silhouette of YOU!  

Now this painting is finished!