Inspiration behind my Mixed Media Collage Piece "On the Road to Somewhere"

Continuing with my mixed media artist blog series about the inspiration behind specific collage art pieces I will attempt to describe the inspiration behind my abstract collage art piece "On the Road to Somewher". While the overall theme behind my mixed media collage is highways and how they mirror moments we encounter in our lives each specific collage art piece has its own meaning that I tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

This mixed media collage piece, “On the Road To Somewhere”, tells the story about being here and going somewhere over there. The are many paths to somewhere (which, by the way, is better than going “nowhere”) as seen through the multiple colored and black pathways found in the collage art piece which are thicker in the bottom part of collage painting than in the upper part. This is because it is more likely that the road is more exciting and expansive at the bottom and because the weariness slowly dissipates the size of the pathways as the traveling successfully nears its end at the top. The texturing all over the surface of the mixed media art alludes to the rough travel to be had by going this way. But the loops of rope carefully pull the traveler through the route.

On the Road to Somewhere,  2018 ,  acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36" x24"

On the Road to Somewhere, 2018, acrylic with combined media on canvas, 36" x24"