Adding acrylic color to my newest Mixed Media Painting


As a mixed media artist there are many steps in painting a mixed media collage. In the following I discuss adding color to my abstract mixed media painting as well as determining the next steps to take. Enjoy!

In creating this mixed media collage painting I added additional blues and orange/yellows. I wanted to create an abstract collage impression by adding less of the orange colors in the outlying areas.  I then added lighter yellows and peach colors are added to the three large orbs to bring the viewers eyes into a concentrated area. As with many abstract collages it is important to direct the viewers eyes to segments of the painting to create a flow of the artwork.  

In the outlying areas of the mixed media collage I added more blues and blue-greens to intensify the outlying areas. As I add these colors I am beginning to hunt for some direction to take this mixed media collage painting - I cover up more of the oranges in the outlying areas, but bits of that color can still be seen.

As the painting begins to develop the line around the three circles or orbs is painted dark purple. Then a blue is dabbed over this in order to make it more pronounced.  The colors in the orbs are lightened a bit and a circular motion is developed in each of those spaces. I sit in my studio late at night and ponder what I have painted and become quite dissatisfied with the results I see. Where am I going?  I ask.