Taking my mixed media art piece "Languorous" in a new direction - steps 11 and 12


Sometimes a mixed media artist finds inspiration in unusual places, after a supernatural dream I decide to take my abstract collage piece in a new direction

I had a dream last night. My mixed media collage painting saw a ghost and turned white. I was led into a discussion with myself about the pros and cons of doing something I had never done before as a mixed media artist. What did I have to lose? Why not? Oh, go ahead and do it. If I ask the question, then why not answer affirmatively? Like it or not, the ghost painter was on a mission - to reinterpret what this mixed media artist had already done. So, I mixed some heavy gesso with lots of water to make a thin white paint. Then I white washed the entire abstract collage painting from top to bottom, by carefully painting over the mixed media art piece in sections, sometimes blotting up excess paint with a paper towel. I quickly finished my ghostly deed. I liked it. Subtle and expressive, the details showed more than ever before. My original concept for this mixed media collage had changed, but I didn’t care. I liked the new concept of slowness.

I add circles with thick white paint. Some have well defined edges and others have edges which blend into the background of the abstract collage. I enjoy making these circles and filling them in with white. I rotate the collage painting 180 degrees to see how that orientation might look.