Mixed Media Artist Inspiration behind my Mixed Media Collage Piece "Exit"

How I find inspiration in my collage art pieces as a mixed media artist

Exit,  2017 ,  acrylic with combined media on canvas, 40" x 30"

Exit, 2017, acrylic with combined media on canvas, 40" x 30"

In the fifth installment of my mixed media artist blog series about the inspiration behind specific collage art pieces I will attempt to describe the inspiration behind my abstract collage art piece "Exit". While the overall theme behind my mixed media collage is highways and how they mirror moments we encounter in our lives each specific collage art piece has its own meaning that I tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

This mixed media collage piece, “Exit” shows a dark pink path exiting the picture plane through a green passageway. The path is lit with small yellow lights to define how the path needs to travel. The black string on the abstract collage art piece tries so hard to pull up on the green passage to prevent the exit.

But aha, there is deeper meaning behind this mixed media collage. Sometimes there needs to be a way out, a way to excuse oneself from something embarrassing or too painful to endure or that merely is not suitable to the time or culture. So exiting is pardonable and OK.