Mixed Media Artist Inspiration - Collision


Collage painting involves planning, vision, and methodology. Placing the right mixed media pieces together at the right time determines the final product and how that product relates to an artists’ original inspiration. In sharing the inspirations behind my mixed media artworks I hope to shed light on how these pieces became a final work of mixed media art!

“Collision” is a colossal impact of three orbs of different sizes and strengths.  The jute which defines the centers of these orbs tries to keep the impact from happening.  But it is to be. The impact takes place. These orbs are so strong that none split apart nor absorb the other ones.  They remain whole and do not lose their shape. None of them are compromised. Yet this is what is necessary when forces or opinions or cultures collide.  There needs to be some compromise, some way of coming together and softly molding each other to fit the others’ shapes and desires.