Steps 3 & 4 - Mixed Media Artist

Creating Mixed Media Collage by Adding Texture


After beginning the process of creating a mixed media collage by creating a charcoal study to help me arrange my collage painting and then transferring that small charcoal study to the larger paper used for my collage art, I start the process of adding twine to the paper. The twine ads dimensionality to my abstract collage art. This dimensionality defines my work as a mixed media artist.

Thick twine is glued down with gloss medium and varnish to the mixed media collage charcoal outline.  Because it is difficult to control the twine (it has a mind of its own), it must be weighted down in the correct position on the collage painting until the glue dries. This takes about 3 hours in a dry climate.

As a mixed media artist I love texture, not only the kind I can see (like patterns), but also the kind I can feel. Texture adds a richness to my mixed media collage that cannot be achieved in another way.


After the large pieces of twine have been glued and set on my mixed media collage, smaller rope sizes are glued down onto the collage painting for the concentric circles. More rope, thinner than the twine used above, is glued down to the surface of the abstract collage in the same way as above. Very small pieces of loose threads are glued down in the middle of the orbs for more interesting texture that, as a mixed media artist, I love to incorporate into my collage art.

I also like manipulating materials - using my hands as a mixed media artist to change one thing into another. This is creating in its finest form. Some say this type of mixed media collage is more like craft, but to me any work of art is fine art if done with originality, expressiveness and skill.

Next week I will continue to share my process as a mixed media artist as I continue adding paper and other materials to the mixed media collage. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this installment of my mixed media artist blog!