Creating "Course Correction", steps 1 & 2 - Mixed Media artist


This is how a mixed media artist creates!

As a mixed media artist the creative process of painting a mixed media collage is a step-by-step journey. My theme of creating abstract collages surrounds the concept of highways and lends to a mixed media art layering process that I really enjoy.

As with most mixed media artists, I like to start with a study. My preferred study medium is a black and white study as a plan. I like to use charcoal as it creates a stark contrast in black and white and allows me to discern lines and edges. This helps me arrange my abstract collage lines and points me in the correct direction to take the collage painting.

In the charcoal study of my mixed media art piece, “Course Correction”, the thick black line that winds its way from top to bottom makes several corrections in its course to the finish line at the bottom of the study. Concentric circles radiate out from each of the three distinct orbs in an attempt to find the correct way to go. It is like radar on the screen pulsing outward across an empty space. My chosen medium of collage paintings allows me, as a mixed media artist the freedom of pursuing the creative lines as they pulsate outward.

After I am satisfied with the study for my new mixed media collage I begin the process of turning that small black and white charcoal piece into a large format collage painting.

I begin with charcoal lines drawn on the painting’s substrate. Mixed media artists have their choice of tools and for me it is vine charcoal that I use to draw out the orbs and a few of the concentric circles. My prefered collage painting material for the substrate is 300 lb. watercolor paper. This sketch is sprayed with SpectraFix fixative to set the charcoal and not let it smear in later steps.

It has been great sharing these first two steps of my new pieces creation. Next week I will showcase how I control the twine and create smaller rope sizes. Thanks for reading my mixed media artist blog!