Mixed media artist blog creation of Course Correction


In my last installment of my mixed media artist blog I continued the journey of creating my mixed media collage by adding addition texture to the collage painting with different types of paper. I also began to add color to my abstract collage art and chose a red, orange, and yellow color scheme to compliment the energy of the composition of my mixed media art. 

An interesting thing that I strive to incorporate in my process as a mixed media artist is to a create a dynamic mixed media art piece that is made up of sections that can be seen as their own individual compositions. For example, this close-up of sections of two orbs. This is located between the upper orb and the middle one in the mixed media collage. This makes an interesting abstract collage piece in and of itself.

The next step in the creation of my mixed media collage is rubbing off the paint so that the abstract collage papers are visible. Paint is partially rubbed off to reveal collage art papers glued to substrate. A paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol is used to rub off some of the dried acrylic paint. This reveals some of the mixed media collage papers glued to the collage painting below the paint.

Next time on my mixed media artist blog I will continue my process of creating my mixed media art piece by adding new colors and orbs to the background of my collage painting. Thank you again for taking the time to read my mixed media artist blog! Keep reading to learn how I continue my process as a mixed media artist!