Mixed Media Artist Blog - Course Correction Steps 9 & 10


Last time in my mixed media artist blog, I continued to develop my collage painting “Course Correction” by using a paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove layers of the dried acrylic paint to reveal the abstract collage papers beneath.

After removing some layers in order for the collage art to be visible, I begin the process of adding additional colors and orbs to the collage painting. I focus on adding these new colors to the orbs and the background of the mixed media collage. New fluorescent reds and pinks and oranges are added to the orbs. The background of the abstract collage is developed with the same warm colors as above.

As a mixed media artist I want to create a sense of depth and dimensionality not only in the mixed media collage media I use but also in the abstract collage piece’s color palette. Greens and darker colors are added to the background of the mixed media art to give it some depth. The thin rope comprising the concentric circles is painted a dark blue to make the circles more visible.

My next step as a mixed media artist is developing the background of the abstract collage art. Additional orbs are created in the background with fluorescent paint.  Lighter greens and blue-greens are added to give more interest and depth to the background of the mixed media collage.

Recently I have wanted to put more emotion into my collage paintings and so I have started to swirl strokes of paint around the main elements.  Besides this current abstract collage art piece “Course Correction”, my other mixed media art pieces “Caravan” as well as “Around About” are good examples of this swirling and movement that I have tried to capture as a mixed media artist.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this week’s mixed media artist blog. It would seem that this collage painting is nearing its completion. But like my abstract collage, my process is filled with twists and turns. Keep reading for a couple of surprises as I continue my process of creating my mixed media collage.