Mixed Media Artist Blog - Course Correction Steps 13 &14


In last week’s mixed media artist blog post, after adding further definition to my collage painting “Course Correction” in the form of black lines, partial orbs, and spirals I had finally declared this mixed media art piece complete. However after coming back to the abstract collage I wasn’t completely satisfied.

Sometimes a mixed media artist has to decided to do a complete makeover on a work of art to get the final mixed media collage that she is satisfied with. In looking over earlier steps in the creation of this collage painting, the original color scheme that I had used for my mixed media art in Step 6 were preferred over the fluorescent colors in Step 12.

Speaking to the versatility of acrylic paint and to the mixed media collage method of working, the colors of the orbs in the collage art are changed back to the original yellow, orange, and red. New spirals in black are recreated on top of the orbs. The background colors of the abstract collage art are darkened considerably. Yellow-green wisps of color are emphasized in a few areas in the background.


 After I had made the decision as a mixed media artist to take my piece in a new direction I begin the process of adding new papers to the collage painting and expanding the colors of the mixed media art. New collage papers with prints and textures are added. I also add small black circles to the main three orbs in the mixed media collage. The three main colors are expanded beyond the original borders of the orbs and swallow up more of the background. However, the depth of the collage painting’s background is still maintained.

Sometimes as a mixed media artist you have to be confident enough in your process to completely change the direction of a mixed media art piece. I believe that it is always worth putting more effort in to creating a collage art piece and being happy with the final product than stopping work on a abstract collage before you are truly satisfied with it.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s mixed media artist blog! I’m truly reaching the completion of my abstract collage art piece “Course Correction”. Continue reading next week as I put the final touches on this collage painting.