Mixed Media Artist Blog - Course Correction Steps 11 & 12


In the last mixed media artist blog I continued the process of creating my abstract collage art piece, “Course Correction” by adding additional colors and orbs to the collage painting. I added both bright warm colors such as reds, pinks, and oranges as well as darker greens and blues to add a sense of depth to the mixed media collage.

I also covered how I spent time developing the background of my collage art. I added even more orbs to the background of the abstract collage with fluorescent paint. The lighter greens and blue greens give more interest and depth to the mixed media collage.

My next step as a mixed media artist is adding further definition in black. The background of the collage painting is given more detail and depth with overlapping, partial orbs. The concentric circles of rope are defined with black paint. Spirals in black are superimposed over the orbs to create more texture and interest in the mixed media art.

In my process of creating collage art as a mixed media artist I continue to paint until I feel that my collage painting is complete and it tells or emphasizes the concept I have chosen for it. Then I am done (most of the time).

It would seem that this mixed media collage piece is almost complete. Dark lines are painted on the background orbs in the form of half circles. More color is added to the main three orbs in the abstract collage. Other smaller items are tweaked and I declare that the collage painting is complete, but…..wait….

Thank you so much for reading this week's installment of my mixed media artist blog! Keep on reading my mixed media artist blog to find out if this is truly the finish of my abstract collage art piece, “Course Correction” or if there are a few surprises in store for this particular mixed media collage.