Mixed Media Artist Blog - Course Correction Final Steps


Last week on my mixed media artist blog, I did a complete overhaul of my abstract collage piece “Course Correction”. I felt that the original color palette of yellow, orange, and red orbs more accurately captured my vision for the mixed media collage. I’ve found that sometimes as a mixed media artist you have to be comfortable with taking your collage art in an entirely different direction until you end up with a final mixed media collage you are satisfied with.

My next step in the creation of my mixed media art piece is the process of tweaking.  More satisfied with these colors, I feel I am on the right track in finalizing my collage painting. The yellow-green wisps of color that I had previously added to the abstract collage art piece are changed to a blue-green color as a complement to the reds and oranges.

As a result of this speed that working with the medium of acrylics allows, it is easy to play more with the process of collage painting rather than keying in on the product (the final abstract collage art piece). This is what I like to do as a mixed media artist - to combine process and product so that both are equally important. The process allows me to put emotions into my collage paintings. The mixed media art product, hopefully displays that emotion.

My last step in creating my abstract collage is the final tweaking. I have decided that the blue-green wisps are too strong and attract more attention in the collage art than is desired. Those wisps of color are toned down. Extra black string hanging beyond the paper substrate is glued down at the top and at the bottom of the abstract collage piece. After giving it a final review I decide I am much happier with the intensity of these original colors.  I sign my name and declare my mixed media collage piece “Course Correction” complete.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog documenting my process as a mixed media artist. This is just the process of creating one abstract collage art piece. I hope to document the process of creating other collage paintings using different collage art methods and mediums in the future!