How a Mixed Media Artist Creates: My Mixed Media Art Piece "Languorous"

The Creation of my Mixed Media Collage "Languorous" Steps 3 and 4


The local hardware/lumber company keeps my mixed media artist studio stocked with lots of sawdust. They gave me 2 large containers of it free of charge. I tried to explain what I was doing with my latest collage art piece but I think the explanation got lost in the translation. The fella who operates the saw that makes all the dust commented, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE artists.” I don’t know what that meant, but I thought better about asking.

The sawdust is glued down to the mixed media art piece with “gloss medium and varnish”. Several manufacturers make this product and it can be purchased in store or online. Since I use it often as a mixed media artists I buy it by the gallon. Don’t spill it like I did in the bottom of the trunk of my car. It is like decoupage material and when it dries it is very glossy. Yikes! What a mess! In this step, I also put on a heavy application of Spectra Fix fixative on to the mixed media collage. It blurs the lines and creates interesting smudges and marks on the abstract collage art. I buy this fixative in concentrated form and then prepare it by mixing it with vodka. That’s what the bottle of concentrate says to do. Honest. It takes about several hours for all of this to dry in my dry climate. It would take much longer if I were a mixed media artists in a humid and/or cold climate.

Thank you for taking the time to read the second installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.