How a Mixed Media Artist Creates: My Mixed Media Art Piece "Languorous"

The Creation of my Mixed Media Collage "Languorous" Steps 5 and 6


Sawdust is gessoed. After the sawdust dries on the mixed media art piece completely I gesso it. Gesso is like a white house paint. It is used as a primer for collage art canvases in preparation for oil or acrylic painting. I try not to cover up any of my guide lines and marks. At this point I am ready to start the collage part of my mixed media art creation process.

Collage material is glued down to my mixed media art piece. To glue down all my collage materials and papers, I use my go-to-glue — gloss medium and varnish. It works quickly and efficiently on the collage painting. One interesting material I discovered over the course of my mixed media artist career is gesso skins. This is dried gesso stuck to the inside of the gallon can. I peel it off and it becomes three-dimensional, hard pieces of white paint. What fun to use in the collage painting. I call it skins, because it peels off like a section of skin would. Often paint skins make the same sort of thing and using them in a mixed media collage is fun.

Thank you for taking the time to read the third installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.