Ghost Artist: The Creation of “Languorous” Steps 1 and 2

When I begin a collage painting, much has been decided before I start. Composition and concept are identified. Colors are chosen and I am determined to commit to the plan I formed for my mixed media art. Sometimes after all the “C’s” are known another “C” creeps in —- c’est la vie. In the case of this abstract collage art piece, its fate is already known. It is what it is. I, the mixed media artist, just don’t know it yet. And I don’t know I will become the “Ghost Artist”.


I create my black and white study for my mixed media collage on greyed paper after I chose a word for traveling fast. This word, “Expeditious” is the title of my collage painting at the moment. I use charcoal pencil and white pencil with a soft white pastel stick in some of the lightest areas on my mixed media art study. I am satisfied with the shapes’ sizes and placement.

I draw with charcoal on a large, blank, white canvas that is 36” x 36”. I play with spirals, arrows, and words. My lines for the main curved shapes in the mixed media collage are restated several times. I do not erase anything I have added to the abstract collage.

Thank you for taking the time to read the first installment of my mixed media artist blog on the creation of my collage painting, "Languorous". Keep reading to find out how this mixed media art piece progresses.