Finishing my collage painting


All done! Well - not yet. Two more steps before I finish my latest contemporary collage painting.

I decide to change the yellow seen in Step #16 to a softer version of yellow. This yellow is mixed with white and with a very, very small speck of blue added to it. It helps to cut down on the vibrancy of the yellow. I like this color, finally. Whenever I arrive at the end of a painting I am always looking at the fine details to see where I can make slight adjustments.

I lightly add some warm reds on the dark background. I also playfully add painted marks with light and dark turquoise. The larger ropes are scumbled again with this new yellow.

My signature goes on the bottom left and I think I am done…… but wait there is one more step.

One of the fun parts of creating fine art collage in abstract is that I get to decide what the orientation of the collage painting is - not the painting itself.

I decide to test out orientations of this painting. Almost immediately I know that a change in the painting’s orientation is needed. I think it needs to be turned counterclockwise 90 degrees. Suddenly it comes alive and I know that I am finished.

The viewer’s eye can follow the red path into and around the painting. Before I rotated it there was no access because the red line grew from the “ground” and never moved.  

I quickly remove the old signature and add a new one at the bottom left of this now vertical piece. The metamorphosis from ugly painting to a harmoniously and delightfully colored painting has just occurred right in front of my eyes. I think it has a mind of its own. It just had a hard time telling me what it needed.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest abstract fine art collage painting. As a contemporary collage artist I never know where mix media collage will take me - my next paintings are very very different and I can’t wait to share them with you!