New contemporary collage painting taking shape


Contemporary collage painting takes shape

For the next steps of my contemporary collage painting I complete most of my drawing and start adding colors. Fine art collage artists relish this transition period where concept meets sketch and sketch meets color. Whenever I create a contemporary collage painting my excitement build during this stage. This is where I discover my new collage!

I continue measuring the rise and the run and plotting points until I am finished. I am pleased with how it is laid out on the canvas. The one issue I see, though, is how close the left sconce is to the side edge of the canvas.  It appears to be crowded next to the window opening and creates some tension. I plan to address that issue in the next step.

I like the empty space above the window and to the right of the girl. This will give me some room to either play up the collage work or to use this space for a resting spot for the eyes.

I “clean up” the drawing by using the underpainting color, pink, to cover over errant blue marks. It all seems to work well for me.

To correct the problem I mentioned in the last step, I move the left side of the window to the right about 4 - 5 inches. This gives the left sconce more room to exist without looking like it is being squeezed by the window.  There is still less space for the sconce on the left side than there is for the sconce on the right side. I like the unevenness of these spaces. It adds some interest.

I decide to test how the colors will look against the pink underpainting. I paint in the stripes of bright yellow and bright orangish red on the girl’s sweater top. Wow!

I can see how intense the orange and yellow really are. Do I like how the stripes are working out? I am wondering about this. These two colors seem very glaring on the pink underpainting. I think these colors would look too bright on any underpainting.

Once I have added some color to test how the foreground colors react to the background color I am ready to move onto the next step of “illuminating” my collage painting.