Collage artist completes the base layering


As I move onto the application of base layers on the collage painting I cross the threshold of where we see the underlying areas of canvas and enter the phase of visible collage painting.

Before I can begin this phase I have to consider the various colors I want to emphasis on the base layer. Contemporary collage artists use this base layer to set the foundation of the collage painting. Because of the importance of the base layer in collage mixed media I take this step slowly.

One of the most intense blues there is, phatholo blue (or turquoise), is applied in certain areas using a fluid acrylic. In some areas the fixative resists coverage with the fluid acrylics. I will need to add more opaque painting to these areas.

Most of the base underpainting is completed in this step. An intense black is used in the background, while the area where the title is, is kept clear of most paint colors. I am debating exactly how I want to handle this important area. I decided to leave it clear of color right now.

After this is all finished I am excited to start one of my favorite stages of collage painting - rope and fiber. Check back for updates!