Adding more collage pieces, but not finished yet - mixed media artist


Collage painting as a mixed media artist means sometimes adding, adding, and adding more!

One of the perks of being a mixed media artist is that when I am creating my mixed media collage paintings there is a definite step-by-step process - a layering of material that alters the piece. In the next 2 steps of my newest creation - Languorous I delve into the nuanced touches that I place on the collage painting.

In the next 2 steps of the creation of my mixed media collage, I start adding new collage pieces and try to see how they fit - like an imperfect puzzle. First I rotate the painting clockwise 90 degrees. I do this after experimenting with various angles rotating 90 degrees is most satisfying to me. After I rotate my mixed media collage painting I now see things from a different perspective so I add more collage pieces to give it even more texture than it previously had. In addition to adding more collage pieces to my painting, three dimensional white pieces in crescent shapes were also glued down.  Once I take a step back I take a look at the evolution of my collage painting and add netting and other materials to solidify the texture. I am finally becoming pleased with my painting.

Even though I think I am finished, I am not.  I return to my original black and white sketch. Here I can see evidence of an irregular square shape superimposed on the canvas. I want to include that and continue the corners of the square onto the sides of the canvas.  With a 4 foot long ruler, I measure the boundaries of the square and mark with a pencil, then I begin to paint. After painting 2 corners I stop to see how I am progressing and I like the initial work.

The creative process of a mixed media artist is one of trial and error and adjustments. As Languorous evolves into a finished pieces this process of collage creation once again repeats itself!