Creating Course Correction - Mixed Media Artist


Steps 5 & 6 in creation the new mixed media collage painting

After continuing the process of creating my mixed media collage by adding twine to the collage painting, letting that dry, and then adding smaller and thinner rope to my mixed media collage for added texture, I continue the process of creating my abstract collage by adding collage paper to add even more dimension to my mixed media art.


I begin adding collage papers to my mixed media art which I have designed with black magic marker. My favorite papers to use as a mixed media artist have circles and spirals and crescent shapes on them. I use other types of papers marked in the same way - such as tracing paper, paper towels, kleenex, and tissue paper. The variety of paper adds a life and dimensionality to my collage painting that I love to capture as a mixed media artist.

After I glue the paper to my mixed media collage (I’ve used a favorite, prepared black and white zebra-striped tissue paper, in this specific collage painting), I chose a color scheme for my abstract collage.

An analogous color scheme is chosen for the abstract collage art and colors are blocked In. A red, orange, and yellow color scheme has been chosen for this piece of mixed media collage and those colors are blocked in roughly on the collage painting.The main piece of twine is painted black.

As a mixed media artist I chose to paint with heavy bodied fluid acrylics. Some of the paint is transparent so that the collaged materials show through so the viewer can see the collage art in the final product. Other areas of the abstract collage have opaque paint.

Next week I will continue my abstract collage by adding even more color and texture to the collage art. This gradual layering of different textures and abstract collage is something that makes my artwork unique as a mixed media artist. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this installment of my mixed media artist blog. See you next week!