The Finishing touches of my Abstract Collage "Languorous"

At Last I add the Finishing Touches to my Mixed Media Art Piece and Declare Languorous Complete


My collage painting’s journey from blank canvas to mixed media art is complete!

Picking up from where I left off I continue by painting the last 2 corners of my abstract collage piece. I want to keep the numerous white circles on the 3rd corner. I discover the circles need to be reestablished a bit. No problem. After finishing the corners of my mixed media collage, I take a dry brush with white paint and lightly run over the tops of the textures created by sawdust and collage art papers. This creates an array of white spots which makes the texture more visible.

Nearing completion of this collage art piece, I decide to do several things as a mixed media artist. First, I put down a pale yellow-orange wash on the four corners I painted in the previous steps, followed by stumbling with a dry brush with white paint. I also add the accent colors of yellow-green and lavender to a variety of areas of the mixed media collage. Third, I partially outline the corners with white. And finally, I darken the center area with a medium apricot orange and fill in the small squares created by collage paper.

I call this painting, “Languorous” because when I look at it as a mixed media artist I feel like I am moving through a gentle and ghostly space filled with soft round shapes. They slow my travels and allow me to contemplate whatever is on my mind. The abstract collage painting has become what it is - c’est la vie.

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