Collage Painting begins to take shape

Step #5 SP.jpg
Step #6 SP.jpg

Collage painting starts to take shape as mixed media materials are added

As I begin the process of laying the mixed media materials on my collage painting, I can begin to see the painting take shape. One of my goals as a mixed media artist who paints collage painting is to ensure that the layers of materials are placed in such a way as to create a flow around which the viewers eyes can navigate the painting.

This flow and navigation is even more important as my themes surround highways and the ways in which we travel.

STEP #5 - Close-up

A close-up of the extra materials added to the canvas - burlap, twine, gel medium and rubber mat.  My purpose in adding these mixed media materials to my collage painting is to create a texture that protrudes from the canvas.

STEP #6 - White gesso

After the materials are placed I cover the entire canvas with white gesso so that paint can be applied with less difficulty.  The of applying gesso is to preserve the shapes and texture after I apply the paint.

We have now graduated from placing the foundational mixed media materials onto the canvas and have set a good base of gesso onto which we can apply paint.

Painting the collage is to come!