Collage artists' thoughts on a mixed media artwork


Passages through life, through experiences, and through everyday tasks never go as planned. Wouldn’t it be nice if the way could be free and clear to pursue our desires and dreams. We could slip past all of our bad and unfortunate moments.

Being a collage artist allows me to construct artworks that speak to my desires and speak to my thoughts. Using mixed media art as my genre of collage art has enabled me to not only delve into thinking about the “greater things”. but it has also allowed me to have fun.

“Right of Way” shows a road passing by a circular path of multiple red colors. This blue-green road has the right of way and simply goes past all of the rest. In this collage artwork I chose to use string and contrasting colors to emphasis the “right of way”. This use of mixed media materials in my collage painting has allowed me to explore different avenues of expressing my thoughts on canvas.