Collage artists stepping back to step forward

All collage artists get to a point in their collage painting where they reflect and try to determine whether the path they have embarked on is one on which that they would like to continue. Famous collage artists and contemporary fine art collage artists come to this critical juncture and sometimes decide that they would like to make alterations to their collage painting. I am no different - I have come to a point in my collage painting where I decide that I need a little remediation.

I decide to take this remedial step of painting certain areas white in order to be able to later paint these areas in a way unaffected by the colors underneath.  It is like starting over from scratch in these white areas. Also, some of the paint is removed from some of the collaged papers by using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.  A light rubbing with this solvent partially erases the color. This allows me to re-envision that collage painting.

I guess the famous collage artists that I studied under were right all along! - collage paintings have layers and layers - most of which only the fine art collage artist sees.

I complete two major things in this step.  First, I change much of the circle in the center by covering it with a yellowish green.  I also add pure yellow to a few edges. I scumble the thick rope with yellow.

Second, I paint the background areas with a very dark green.  I decide I wanted this main shape to stand out. If painting this main shape with bright colors isn’t working, perhaps those areas would stand out from an almost black background.  Sure enough, it did.

Finally more collage papers are revealed by using rubbing alcohol, in the areas where the color needs removed.

This has been a fun and unpredictable step in my newest collage paining. Enjoy!