All Collage artists have stories behind their paintings.


All collage artists have stories behind their paintings. From novice collage painters to famous collage artists, all who endeavor to create with multimedia materials have a ryhme or reason behind the placement of pieces and thoughts.

“Going to the Sun Highway” is titled after the famous roadway in Glacier National Park. After a recent visit to the area I was inspired by the way the sun appeared over the horizon and seemed to lead our road to infinity. The golden twine in this piece follows the road and is swallowed up by the sun which appears at the end of the highway.

As a collage artist I love to find inspirations everywhere I go. And I love to use everything (to a limit) to express these inspirations on canvas. Contemporary collage painting is a process and it all starts with an idea. Unlike conceptual paintings, my ideas are something concrete, something that I have seen and interpreted on canvas. I hope you enjoy.