Collage artists have all the fun!

Now we start painting the mixed media collage. I always relish this stage in the process. As an collage artist that uses mixed media materials, once the foundational materials have been laid now I get to have fun playing with colors.

But don’t be dismayed! We are not finished adding materials! We’re simply using paint and materials together.

Green and yellow-green are added to the remaining parts of the paths within the collage painting.  Then twine is carefully painted with a light purple, a color with little chroma. Now that we have some paint on the canvas lets add some more fun mixed media materials.

Confetti dots are made by punching holes in different colors of yellow, orange, and red-orange papers. Shiny gold and metallic red papers are cut into small pieces with scissors. To adhere these small pieces to the canvas, a coat of gloss medium and varnish is spread over the areas to be covered with the confetti. It is then sprinkled randomly around the canvas in the glued areas. The dots and pieces are gently pressed onto the surface to make sure they stick well.

We’re making progress and having fun! I love being a mixed media collage artist!

Step #9 SP.jpg
Step #10 SP.jpg