Collage artist searching for colors


One of the challenges of being a contemporary collage artist is trying to find the proper colors to accentuate my new collage artwork. Color is very important. Collage art is a visual art - it beckons the viewer to explore the canvas and find new hidden treasures.

Famous fine art collage artists all use colors along with their mixed media materials to bring the viewer on a journey into their creative being. In the following steps I want to take you on a journey - on my color wheel!

Unsatisfied with the meekness of the red-orange lines, I decide to widen and add to this colored line. I add a patch of orange to the inside of the circle which is a bit to the upper right of the center circle. I also scumble on a red-orange color on top of the two thicker ropes on both sides of the painting. I am beginning to search for a color scheme which I will like. This one seems too overpowering. I want to tone it down somehow.

In this step I tone down the bright orange color by changing it to a golden yellow. I color some of the paper at upper center. I also touch the raised circles with bits of yellow paint. Some yellow is scumbled on top of the thick rope. A bright red-orange is scumbled over the applied sawdust.

This color scheme is a triad using three primary colors. These three colors are evenly spaced around the color wheel. Am not really happy with this development in my painting. It appears to be too vibrant, something which I had hoped wouldn’t happen.

I hope you enjoyed the journey on my color wheel!