About the Artist

Helen Becker is a mixed media artist currently residing in Moab Utah. Helen Becker’s mixed media collage artworks are a testament to her artistic skill as a mixed media artist. Her collage paintings utilize different materials and textures to bring to life her vision as a mixed media artist.

Her current mixed media collage uses textures and layers that emphasis her artistic vision of highways and the travels one must take on artistic journeys.

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Before the age of five, I somehow knew I was an artist for life.  I constantly drew and colored and consumed paper at a furious pace.  Dismayed with the high cost of drawing paper, my parents purchased a roll of white butcher paper. I set about drawing from left to right while it unrolled across the kitchen floor.

Over the years I have taught myself everything I know through practicing art-making on my own; reading technical books; work-shopping with a variety of well-known instructors; receiving critiques from art groups; and using my creativity, intellect and common sense to achieve a variety of different milestones.

Since moving to Moab 11 years ago, in 2007, my art experiences have been successful and varied. At this time I began working seriously with soft pastels, recording the vibrant and exciting landscapes around the red rock countryside of Moab, Utah. For the next number of years I had the pleasure of instruction from nationally known and award winning artists, namely Marla Baggetta, Pat Dews, and Doug Dawson, and many others.  Because of the skillful and motivating teaching of these individuals, my learning has blossomed.  I have been fortunate to exhibit and win awards in national and regional art exhibits.

In 2008 I received an Honorable Mention at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the establishment of Natural Bridges National Monument for a plein air piece I painted of one of the natural bridges.

I decided to concentrate on abstracts rather than landscapes. Even though I had a wealth of artistic material, it wasn’t satisfying enough. I tried my hand at plein air painting and usually was discouraged by the results. I began to think that a good landscape photo was never meant to be copied by an artist in any medium.  The photo was an end unto itself.

I also have been involved in donating my time, artwork, and services to a number of activities in town.  I donate artwork to the silent auction of Seekhaven’s yearly fundraiser.  Seekhaven is the domestic violence safe shelter in Moab. 

Currently I am a member of four art organizations.  I am an associate member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA).  I participate in their member competitions and I am currently on an online exhibition on their website which is thenawa.org.  I also am a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA).  I joined the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) in 2017 and recently joined the Collage Artists of America (CAA).

I am also represented by Agora Gallery in New York City. You can view my online gallery profile by clicking here.


I make art because I like to work with my hands and create something visual out of nothing. My interpretation of the world is unique to my vision and no one else sees the world the way I do. Creating my painting is trying to gift the other person by showing him what I see and feel in my mind’s eye. It is a challenge to do this. Can I make every detail look the way I feel and imagine it to be? I wonder how all the colors and shapes and textures will look together. Will it make sense and complete my concept and illustrate my title?

I also create because I want to move my hands and have contact with the canvas and paper and to experience the tactile qualities of creation. I like to mix paint and feel its gooey, smooth quality; to see new colors appear when I mix basic primary colors; and to brush on paint and watch the colors flow together and blend. I like being able to use other materials on my canvas or paper.

Watching the whole progression of how a painting develops and how often the painting takes on a life of its own is thrilling. The painting directs me on what to do next; what colors to add; and what brush strokes and colors to leave alone and not touch. I intently work for hours without any idea of the passage of time.  I forget to eat or drink.  Creating consumes me in a positive way.

Excitement comes when my painting is finished and it looks terrific.  It is exhilarating when I feel I have done a good job.  I like the satisfaction of a rewarding completion.  It makes me feel like a complete artist and person.