Turbine Traffic

Turbine Traffic


Acrylic with Rope, Wooden Beads, and Select Papers, 24” x 18”

Traffic on a turbine interchange sweeps around like a whirlpool gone crazy. A bird’s eye view of this type shows beautiful curves radiating around the center. It is a masterful plan in its entirety.

There are 4 semi-directional exit ramps which means that traffic heads off in a seemingly wrong direction, only to turn around and head in the opposite but correct direction. “How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else,” said R. Buckminster Fuller. Likewise on the highway of life when thoughts and feelings seem to be going in the other, wrong direction, the real direction is discovered.

Although these semi-directional ramps sound like a misguided engineering feat, it is really effective in moving vehicles without the inherent problems of the famous cloverleaf interchange configuration. In this latter type there is too much weaving with vehicles entering, then exiting, all in one breath, practically. Too much like real life when activities become too hectic and overlap, like requiring one to multi-task.

In the painting “Turbine Traffic” the ropes become the exit and on ramps of one of the highways. One rope stops and turns back on itself. It’s a traffic tie-up on the turbine. The other rope freely escapes the painting with no tie-ups. Here in life there are tie-ups sometimes, and then life frees itself up. It does feel like a whirlpool gone crazy.

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