Multi-Stack Flow

Multi-Stack Flow


Acrylic with Rope and Select Papers, 48” x 36”

The traffic flow through a multi-stack highway interchange is swift, safe and very efficient for handling high-traffic volumes. In a standard stack there are 4 levels. There are 2 highways and 2 pairs of left turn ramps. In addition, there are 4 right turn ramps which may or may not be elevated (or stacked).

What makes this such a unique interchange and painting is the simplicity in the movement throughout this design, figuratively and literally.

The ropes and trail of yellow paint pull the eye across this interchange painting. The simple use of color keeps its purpose on track. But the build-up of texture holds the viewer’s attention while doing the traveling. It is like the scenery along a highway - something to enjoy while out on the road.

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Helen Becker is a contemporary collage artist. Becker’s fine art collage artworks are all unique creative pieces that tell an artistic story. Fine art collage artists who work in contemporary collage utilize a wide array of mixed media art materials to create artwork.

Helen Becker has studied under famous collage artists and has adapted her learned skills to her own unique artistic style. As a collage artist Becker focuses on working with artistic themes and direction as she moves through a series of collage art.

Helen Becker views being a collage artist as artistically liberating. Becker’s discovery of fine art collage has enabled her to pursue her artistic journey free of “material” constraints.