Blue Wind

Blue Wind


Acrylic with Rope and Select Papers, 16” x 16”

The 4 lane highway winds its way past the yellow moon rising above a lonesome, dark, blue hillside. Diverging paths along one of the highways create the yellow twist defined by the yellow string in this painting called “Blue Wind”.  Behind it is the blue diverging path along the other highway.

This kind of interchange called the “Windmill” can be confusing to the driver because it demands that the highway be traversed partly on the wrong (left) side of the road.

The off ramps are sharper than the on ramps. This reduces the amount of traffic and the speed that can be entertained on the interchange. And so, fortunately, drivers have time to enjoy that moon slowly rising into the darkening sky.

Perhaps in life we need this kind of interchange explained to us and once we understand its features and how life goes on because of it, we can get used to the more difficult and sharper turns of life.

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Helen Becker is a contemporary collage artist. Becker’s fine art collage artworks are all unique creative pieces that tell an artistic story. Fine art collage artists who work in contemporary collage utilize a wide array of mixed media art materials to create artwork.

Helen Becker has studied under famous collage artists and has adapted her learned skills to her own unique artistic style. As a collage artist Becker focuses on working with artistic themes and direction as she moves through a series of collage art.

Helen Becker views being a collage artist as artistically liberating. Becker’s discovery of fine art collage has enabled her to pursue her artistic journey free of “material” constraints.